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Hello, Fellow Artists!

A new month is here, and therefore comes the announcement of a new fan-art on the horizon! So, what fandom do I get to dive into this time? Well, if you've been paying attention to our Instagram page [self-less plug here:…], you'd notice that I've been posting character studies of a scrappy and short Canadian Marvel mutant: Wolverine.

For those who know me, it's no secret that I'm a huge X-Men fan. But, my fan-boy voice only gets to a feverish pitch when I specifically get into the history of the X-Man, Wolverine. Could I be such a big fan, because I grew up a stocky and hairy outsider who "Goes where I want to go" [note: extra points if you get that reference] with an inner-deep rage that found kinship with the character Wolverine? Or, that I was an imaginative stocky and hairy outsider who grew up using pencils as claws, because I thought Wolverine was a badass? A little of column A, and a little of column B.

But, those who know me have also had the unfortunate pleasure to listen to me rant about what Live-Action Hollywood has done to my beloved X-Men and Wolverine. Sure, I've enjoyed the actors that portrayed them (i.e. Stewart, McKellen, McAvoy, Fassbender, Lawrence, Berry, and Jackman), but I have no short-list of grievances with the story, timelines, characters, and costumes. And, one of my deepest resentments had to deal with how they portrayed Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman is a wonderful actor for the role he was cast. He has an acting range that may win the character at least an Oscar nomination soon. And, although Jackman did a great job at capturing the essence of Wolverine (as any great actor would), I didn't get the Wolverine I came to know and admire. The Wolverine they gave me was tall, and handsome. He never once donned something that resembled the mutant Canuck's costume and cowl. And, just when you thought they got Wolverine's story correct, they would throw in a Frankenstein Deadpool, a healing-factor-stealing Cyborg-Silver Samurai, or a out-of-left-field berserker clone. Or, they would just chunk him into any story that they thought would raise the caliber of the movie. Why!?

So, I've decided to create my own Wolverine movie in beats that I've always wanted to see. Plus, I'm going to be including the only clone of Wolverine that I've liked as much as the original: X-23 aka Laura Kinney!

Keep an eye here for more updates! Until next time, be creative!

~ Daniel

During my early nerd years, I hated anime.

I know. It's hard to believe. But, I couldn't stand it. Outside of Dragonball Z (which, for some reason, I didn't understand as being anime), I couldn't stand the medium. This hate was mostly fueled by my Artistic Arch-Rival at the time (yes, I had an Artistic Arch-Rival, or AAR for short). He would always claim that Japanese manga art was superior to my American comicbook art (how dare he talk about my Witchblade in such as way!) He would draw Goku, or Shinji, and I'd duel him with drawings of Witchblade, or Wolverine. He would claim that comicbook art was messy, and I would claim that all manga art all looked the same (and, that it was hard to aesthetically tell the difference between Shinji and Rei).

But, only one series brought me back from the brink of anime hate...Trigun! After graduating from high school (and, being away from my AAR...I'm going to make this a thing), a good friend of mine introduced me to a 3 year old series that he described as "funny, but then it gets dark". After watching the first few episodes, I was hooked! A pacifist, badass, gun-slinger who has to go up against 12 other badasses in order to pacify his crazed brother from destroying a wild west world? Where do I sign up!? Trigun "triggered" my fascination with anime (see what I did there?) unbeknownst to my AAR.

So, this month's fan-art piece will be my take on the Trigun world! I've always wanted to do this, but never had the courage to try my hand at it. I will then be revealing the artwork at the end of the month. So, stay tuned to our social media sites for its progression!

So, do I have any Trigun fans here? If you have ever watched the series, what did you think of it? Did you ever get to check out the manga, or the movie "Trigun: Badland Rumble"? Does anyone else hope that they redo the Trigun series, like they did Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, like I do?

This is Daniel reminding you to: Be Creative!

Nerd Chat:

"He's not leaving The Batman. He's just not directing The Batman. He's not leaving The Batman. He's just not directing The Batman. He's not leaving The Batman. He's just not directing The Batman." *fetal position*

Hola, Fellow Artists!

Daniel here just wanting to get a little Nerd Chat in. So, Affleck is leaving The Batman's directing chair in fear that he would not be able to pull quadruple-duty (Exec. Producer, Director, Writer, and Actor), and still do Batman justice. *cue MASS HYSTERIA!*

But, I'm okay with this. As long as Affleck is in charge of picking the Director (which I'm sure his Exec. Producer credit gives him that ability), I think we can still have an amazing movie on our hands. Just look towards "Good Will Hunting". Here, Affleck is both a writer and actor of the movie, and the Director (Gus Van Sant) was still able to bring a touching and Oscar winning affair.

Affleck has gone on record as saying that he wouldn't create The Batman if it meant turning in a half-baked product. And if "Live by Night", "Argo", "The Town", and "Gone Baby Gone" is any testament to his idea of quality, then I think we Batman fans can un-clench our butt-cheeks just a little.

But, what do you guys think? Were you excited for The Batman mainly because he was Directing the flick, or is Affleck's creative control more important to you? And, who do you think would be the ideal Director if Affleck is out?

This is Daniel, and remember: Be Creative!

Hello, Fellow Artists!

Daniel here to welcome you to Eso Art Studio!

 Eso Art Studio is a studio created by Artists for Artists. We believe that every Artist has a story to tell, and Eso Art Studio wants to become the vehicle that manifests the voice that drives you to create. We want to help you create, publish, market, and expose, your creativity that otherwise wouldn't have a viable outlet.

"But, what about those who aren't artistically skilled? Or, those who just want to appreciate art?"

This studio is about you just as much as it is about the creating Artist. Why? Because, you too are an Artist. Without you, an Artist has no muse, they have no opinion, no story, and more importantly, they would have no audience. You mold the Artist, making you an Artist as well. So, Eso Art Studio will be your hub for stories to lose yourself in, interactive entertainment, and for your favorite creating Artist. 

If you want to learn more about Eso Art Studio, or simply want to interact with us, check us out on Twitter (, Instagram (…), Facebook (, and YouTube (…). So, be sure to visit, LIKE, Subscribe, and Share, in order to get the latest in Eso Art Studio entertainment.


Thanks for reading! And, remember: Be Creative!

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Hello, Creators!

I figured since I already update my Facebook page every week, why aren't I updating dA just as much..? Well, Reader, I'm here to rectify just such an injustice! So, where to start? Let's just go down the line..

My Facebook page! I recently took the plunge to become a self-made man! Well...actually, an attempt to become a freelance professional (no mafia involved). So, I created the Facebook page, "D.Jaramillo Design & Illustration" (can be found here:…) as a precursor to my official website. Here you can find my art, graphic design, and ventures into YouTube. Which brings me to my next topic..

YouTube! I like talking nerdy. I like being nerdy. I like creating nerdy things. So, it would stand to reason that eventually I'd help in creating a podcast about all things nerd. Enter "Thought Balloon"! This is a YouTube channel (found here:…) where I get to spelunk with friends into the world of comicbooks. We have our podcast "Panel 2 Panel" (which we're three episodes deep in) where 3 or 4 friends talk about all things comicbook related from the previous week. Soon we hope to expand the nerdiness to Lets-Plays, comic/manga convention coverage, and more. So, check that out, subscribe, and leave thoughts in the comments!

Finally, conventions! I've been fortunate enough to attend a few generous publishing houses like "Stratum Comics" and "Isshonni Press". And now, I'm hoping to bring that experience back with me. So through the two hubs listed above, I hope to include interviews, Making-Of processes, and looks into the world of Cons.

And, that's it from me for now. Until next time, be creative!
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It's 2014! So, let's hit the bullet-points!
  • I'm a paid "cartoonist"! Well, sort of. I now create a monthly comic-strip for my University's newspaper, Dateline Downtown. I figured it's how Frank Cho started, so I'm taking a crack at it. If anything, I'm hoping that it's going to give me a snippet of what it's like to be a professional. I have deadlines, an editor, and a larger audience. It's nerve-racking, but exhilarating!
  • With that being said, I have the new intellectual property with the newspaper! I will be posting character sketches and strips as they get done fore some feedback.
  • All of this is possible because I'm exploring a new artistic media: Wacom 13HD tablet! I finally bit the bullet, and bought the object of my artistic lust. Of course, it's nowhere near the size of most professionals, but it's not the size of the tablet that's how much fun you have with it. 
  • I'm the newly appointed president of my University's art club, The Creative Collective! The's debilitating...but, I do it out of love for the field and the members. More to come as it develops.
  • Speaking of develops: I'm spreading my avenues for artistic expression! I now have a page on Facebook (…), a Twitter account (, going photo-happy on Instagram (, and I hope to be invading Tumblr, Youtube, and my very own blog soon. The interwebz is not safe..
    • With the venues I will be sharing my artistic weirdo. You'll get behind-the-scenes, inspirations and showcases of artists like you guys here on dA, and maybe merchandising should I get my $#!+ together. Keep an eye out!
  • Anything else, anything else, anything else...
  • Oh! Imperfect Essence is still being worked on, and is only growing...unfortunately. Not only this, but another property is down the line and scheduled for this summer. It's not my own, but I will be doing art chores for a very imaginative storyteller.
This year is looking to be fun. Tiring, but fun!
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The college semester is finally over, and it's time to get to the important stuff. Well, it's not like college work isn't "important" per's I don't want to take priority, is all..
...but, I digress..!
Yes, so, important work! Drawing, creating, planning, scheming, dreaming, and striving! Yes! This is the name of the game. This summer I'm planning on hosting seminars through my beloved art club (THE CREATIVE COLLECTIVE) for next semester tentatively titled, "CREATE! Your Own Pop-Culture". It's my ploy to garner interest, gather more creative minds, and publish a college version of "Shonen Jump" with student creators (and, not exactly only targeted on males. It's going to be equal opportunity.)! Creating! My favorite action ;) Not only this, but my book is quickly taking root as well. The excitement hurts a little..!

So, quick question to any reading: Anyone know any good books, or websites, about scripting for comicbooks? Or, just scripting in general? Any help would be appreciated.

Until next time, stay sexy Deviants ;)
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Can anyone else make it passed page 6 of the Popular Deviations?
It's like being in a wonderful conversation with your computer when, all of a sudden, the computer takes the conversation into a dark place from which there is no return. Passed the 200th popular deviation my fellow deviants try to rape any shred of childhood I had left, and try to make me doubt the sanity of the world. No Leonardo, my favorite TMNT! You've never been curious in that way! Kim Possible, do you really need the money that bad?! What the hell is a My Little Pony!!? Why does the word "anthro" now all of a sudden gets me aroused?
DAMN YOU, PAGE 6! (ooh! boobies!)

On a serious note; more art! Unfortunately, no project art, just fine art. But, for those paying attention, there will be an addition soon that will hearken back to my old...old, old, old...postings here on dA. Not really a revamp of a character, but an evolution. I hope to share it soon, and with it a rebirth of a passion project.

Until then, I think I'm going to work on being featured on page 6. Don't judge me.
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So...I have posted next to nothing recently. Not for a lack thereof, but because...well...I've been working a lot on art.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait. You haven't posted anything /because/ you've been working on too much art??"

I know! Sounds weird, right! But, it's true. College art. Project art. Comic-strip art. Digital graphics art. Art, art, art, art, art! But, no art that I felt at all worth to put on this here wonderful website. That is, until a little bird told me to "Post all of it!" So, I obliged ;)

Therefore, I created a "Traditional Art" folder to hold some of the pieces that I have been working on lately. I swear I haven't been a lazy artist..! I've been a productive one...just not "internet" productive..

I hope whoever takes a glance enjoys. I have art posted ranging from my teens to current. So, let me know what you think! Hopefully when my professor decides to hand me back my portfolio final, I can upload some more.

So, until next time!
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Who here likes Frank Cho? "How can you not?" is my question ;p
"Where are you going with this, Daniel?" Today's sketch "The Samurai's Son" comes as a result of joining "Friends of Cho" sketch-blog. Want to learn more about the blog? Check out:

So, I joined a sketch-blog because I'm such a great multi-tasker, and this was easily squeezed into my schedule. [sarcasm] So, why /did/ I join the sketch-blog? Well, to get my procrastinating ass off that never-ending hamster-wheel, and  to stimulate my drawing hand and imagination. Each week is a new theme, and a new challenge. The cherry on top of the pie is that I'm working side-by-side with actual professionals, and you can't put a price on that type of experience. Let's see what comes of this venture..!

Inspire, my friends!
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I invoke thee, Fates of Yore, to reveal the path I must endure...or, something to that degree..

Methinks I've been reading too much ancient literature (I blame you, college), but the sentence above does sting with some truth. I've had this account for...what? Four years now? Not to mention that account I had before-hand (the "forgotten account") a couple of years before then. @.@ That's a lot of years here on dA. Yet, I don't have a gallery, nor any notoriety, that some of my constitutes boast, and it got me wondering, "Why?"

Well, the time for asking "why" had passed me, and I'm tired of waiting on fate to take its course. That being the case, there are a couple of things coming down the pipe-line:

1.) "ShamanWear" is going into full effect. I released my first design over the summer (before attending "Sand Diego's Comic-Con International"), and I'm quickly sinking my teeth into the next designs. Now that my knowledge on t-shirt design is a little broader, I hope that I can put out shirts that carry the quality I'm trying to convey.

You can learn more at the Facebook page:…

2.) My years of teasing "Imperfect Essence" is finally coming to an end as the book is starting to stand on its own two legs. I'm big enough to admit when something has become a lot heavier than my shoulders can carry, so I brought on a very talented writer to help me flesh out my personal epic. As details are made, deals are put through, and a finished product looks to be in sight, I will have more to show-and-tell to anyone willing to have their attention stolen for a moment.

I'll be trying to grab more of your attention with pretty art soon, and with each new piece there should be a new piece of information regarding coming projects, quirky ideas, and whether or not I learn Dreamweaver enough to create a decent website..

Until then, I want to make love to your imaginations,
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*wipes the dust from my dA account*

It looks as if I need to start participating rather than lurking around the wonderful art. Very well :) More is to come.
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Wizard World Texas 2008 is just about here, people, and I already have 3 day pass tickets for me and the little lady! 3 days of geek-ing out, private hotel room adventures, and just time to have fun between the two of us. Did I mention that an artistic hero of mine is going to be present..?

   Frank Cho. The man is an inspiration, and I hope to be meeting him there. Of course, as with all adventures, there is apprehension..

   "Why?" you ask..? Oh, maybe it's because I have been working on 3 pieces of sequential art, and a cover page, from a script that I hope to be showcasing in my portfolio. You see, last year - when we went to WWT '07 - I was a complete and shamefully utter fan-boy while I was there. I was drool over Marc Silvestri without saying a word to the giant of a man. I stared at the artists booth while they looked at me kind of puzzled. I tried to snatch all the free stuff I could while buy nothing. And, I not once showcased any art, nor had any ready. I hoping to change that this year..

   Ah, but life has not made this easy on me. Why would it..? My time seems to be like butter to others, and they're spreading it then. I can't say I'm bitter, or ungrateful, just tired and anxious..

   This past Sunday, and great friend of Natalie's had passed away. She was the loving grandmother of Natalie's best friend, and one Natalie had put some time into taking care of. Unfortunately, this death also falls within the same week as said best friends wedding day, and my deepest sympathies go out to them. Organizing a wedding is hard enough (trust me) without the added grief of a lost loved one..

   My grandfather was recently admitted into to the hospital, and it's not looking well. The man is a fighter, and I deeply admire him because of this, but unfortunately his body is trying to throw in the towel. With love, I wish him well, or at the least, a quiet passing. Either way, he is in my thoughts..

   Have you ever tried to create a strong foundation out of soft soil..? It's not an easy task, nor one that is done quickly, but the final results is something you can be proud of and smile at the house being built on top of it. With this said, I am here for my friend Basil, and keeping in my thoughts of that finished product..

   There is always something that develops in the dynamics of life, and it's fun to me to see where it goes, and what you can take and gain in the process. So, "hail!" to change, and welcome to life!

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..No, I'm not here to glorify Harricane Ike in any way. Though, there have been worse storms in many other places, there was a great deal of damage suffered by many. My thoughts go out to those in Galveston, our neighbors downstairs, and hope they are able to return home soon..

   With that said, I am relieved to be back on the internets with electricity. Some still are living in the dark, but hopefully you are doing well..

   My romanticism with Harricane Ike came as with any other major storm's eye hittng you right in the face. The lights came down in our home Friday evening, before the actual storm hit, and we were without electricity for a good week. The wind came hard, surprisingly with little rain, and threatened to tear the roof right off. Fortunately, the only thing the wind managed to do was kick down our fence perimeter, uproot a few trees, and toss around a couple of roofing shingles here and there. We all survived, though some of us damn near had a heart attack at the howls of the winds. So, survive the initial storm was the easy part. Surviving the rest of the week was another matter altogether..

   Call it the universe looking out for me, but as I had blogged earlier, a week before the storm - the storm being unbeknownst to me at the time - came I had made off from the library with a mountain of books securely nuzzled underneath my arms. Needless to say, this seemed to be divine intervention since I probably would have gone nuts without something to entertain us..

   The night after a storm that near took down down businesses with gusty winds, bitterly, there was no wind to be had. All windows of the house were propped open, and nothing flowed through but a humid, warm, breeze. Taking a shower before bed, and sleeping in the complete nude, did nothing to keep us cooled off, so sleep wasn't availiable to us that night. During the early day, until dusk settled, we tried to keep the doors open to allow a breeze to come through, but this also allowed spider sized, hungry mosquitos to fly in at will. So, imagine if you will, you're hot, sticky, naked, and scared to death that mosquitos were going to eat you alive if the bites you already had weren't driving you mad as is. It sucked..

   But there was a serenity to the candle lit nights. We would sit by the windows with books in hands reading, or sometimes I would have my sketchbook in hand to scribble down any ideas I had during the day. It was calming to take a shared shower with my woman, and only the candles to light our cleansing. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner was made over a fire in the grill we had going in the backyard..

   I don't think I've ever had such a connection with ourselves more than those few days that passed without electricity. There were no distractions with TV, because our imagination were our only entertainment. There were no debating on what to eat, because you had what you had, and you made the best of it. There was a feeling of union as the family tried to make the best of things with games, and conversation. I almost miss it..

   The damage that surrounded us once we got in the car and started driving was mistified us. Nothing seemed to look the same, and people scattered and drove in confusion, almost a panic, all around us. This is were I started to get pissed off..

   People are stupid. Let's just get that out there right now. They are, and they are childish and moronic the moment you thrust a situation at them that they do not have guidence in. Gasoline. Were people driving during the harricane? You could swear that they were the way they were packed at the gasoline stations. People, there is no where to go that has electricity, and unless you have babies or the elderly in your living situation and you need the gas for a generator then so be it, but I have no sympathy for you sitting in line with every container known to man for gas just so you can shut your child up from whining that they can't play with their Wii! For fucks sake, there were lines that lasted in the hours just the get gas - if you were lucky to even get any. So, you can't heat up your poptarts, or make some toast...BOO-FUCKING-HOO! Leave the gas to padestrians that needed it for their cars, so they can visit families that were hit hard in the storm. Idiots!

   But it gets worse. As we all know, stupid is death, and in Harricane Ike this was proven time over. As with the last deaths caused during Harricane Rita, they were of human folly. During Rita, people were evacuating with Katrina fresh in their minds, and because of it people - elderly - died on the roads out of Houston. Ike was no different. Those who felt that the whining of their kids for the game system, and the belligerence of convenience, had generators running all night in the confines of their garage died because of carbon dioxide poisoning. Convenience at such a high price, huh?

  The corporate mind seemed to find profit in need but yet again as gas and generator prices sky rocketed. Fortunately, the government didn't look too kindly upon these "entrepreneurs", and I find unbridaled joy in the fact that the currency that these people tried so hard to accumulate was ultimately fined from them because of their greed..

   Let's give a "horay" for FEMA, and the government, for their response to the storm. Surprisingly to me, the storm was covered by tons of media, and I had no idea Galveston and Houston mattered that much. FEMA did their best to accommodate the need, and I have no ill words towards them. Any who did, are simply ignorant, and impatient, who believe things should be done for them rather then work to get things done. My thanks go out to you, FEMA..

   So, what came of Harricane Ike? A couple of drawings, writing, reading, family time, and a little bit of elbow grease...nothing much to complain about.

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"Though his mind is not for rent
Don't put him down as arrogant"

-Rush "Tom Sawyer"

   I've been listening to a lot of old music treasures like Rush lately, and after trying to play the song on something as simple as Rock Band - and failing - I have greater respect for them. Speaking of which, it has been confirmed that TOOL will have 3 songs and a venue on Guitar Hero World Tour (GH4), so I'm thinking this game will get my money instead of Rock Band. Sorry, TOOL was the make or break, fellas..

   On the subject of music, I find it cowardly whenever the question, "What type of music are you in to?" is asked, and you get back the answer, "A little of everything, really." Really? Are you sure? Or is the ol' self-esteem so low you are trying to appease to any genre of music lovers..? Stand your ground, man! Be proud of your love for show tunes, and be on with your life!

   Ah, self-esteem. I saw a really low case the other day in CVS Pharmacy picking up some brain meds. (figures, right?) Here in front of me in line was a Latino wearing a Houston 08 (?) jersey shirt with blue jean shorts (and I shit you not) with pistol and machine gun patches sewed onto them as they sagged off his ass. Seriously, folks. If you have to wear clothing to state where your living hoping the city's identity will give you one, and pants showing your sadistic affiliation with're pretty sad. America! Fuck Yeah!

   Natalie and I went to look at shoes the other day, and were having a blast at what passes as sneakers these days. Hell, we found a pair that looked like a tribute to Easter. I think I even discouraged a pair of kids in buying a pair of Jordans when I laughed out loud, "Who the fuck would wear these!?"…

"No his mind is not for rent
To any god or government"

-Rush "Tom Sawyer"

   America. Recently, I was eating at Chili's where they were having a fund raiser for St. Judes Research Hospital. You were given a piece of paper to which you could color a chilli pepper and donate a dollar, or two, in doing so. They had them hanging on fish lines all over the restaurants ceiling, and it was beautiful...until you find a couple of "Vote for Obama" and "Vote Democrat" protests scribbled across the chilli's. Fuck, how have I gone this long without having an aneurism? This is for the kids, people, not some half-assed political dribble you yourself barely have knowledge on other than what you think people want you to think! So, on my chilli I wrote:

"Remember, it's not about voting Republican or Democrat, but that you remember this country is supposed to be a Democracy = Power for the People, by the People (Not for the Parties, Big Business, or Special Interest Groups). Take the responsibility for yourself, and don't let anyone else take it for you, especially when it comes to the kids.."

   Put that you your pipe and smoke it..!

   I was giddy as hell the other day coming from the library with an arm-full of books I requested. Some really good reads I picked up was:…


   About The Wisdom of Carl Jung, I've always been a big fan of the theories behind Jung's work, yet upon getting this book with his writings, I was stuck..! Jung is famous for never dumbing down his writings, or even poeticly arranging his words. So, needless to say, I definitely had to do some research before whole-heartedly diving into these writings. After doing so, it was a bit easier, but has led me to some other various fascinations..

   I've been scouring the net recently for a Lucid Dream Inducing LCD Mask. Well, that's not the technical term for it, but you get what I'm trying to get at. It's a sleeping mask that emits a light sensitive laser show while you sleep that induces lucid dreaming. By doing this you can enter your sub/un/collective-consciousness through your dreams, sort of like what you are doing with psychoactives, and explore different aspects of yourself and the world safely. Interesting, no? If anyone needs any gift ideas, I just gave you one..

That's it for me, kiddos! Peace!
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You know the itch..

...the one just between the shoulder blade and spine, and just below the deltoids..? The itch you just can't reach unless you were a contortionist, and if that were the case sex would be a lot more fun. Yeah, that's how my artist life is feeling..

   For the past two weeks I have been sitting on my story (Imperfect Essence) trying to figure out a narrative inwhich to tell it. I know how I want it to come across. I even know the end of what seems like a confusing, and complex, stretch of jungle to others. I just can't make myself write the base skeleton, the foundation, to start the building process. Fuck!

   (Ah! The pictures I promised of the actual story should be going up on this page by this weekend. It turns out that loading something up from a library is "no bueno". So, patience on my part until then.)

   I have received my first paycheck today..! [enter sarcastic "yay" here] So, I guess this files me under being financially "responsible" again after a brief period of illegit money making. And by "responsible" I mean making a living under capitalist rule where Big Corporate America possesses the authority to dictate how me and my family will survive while we as a society are feeding the problem by trying to lose its memory and supress our spiritual and natural roots through the blind fold of materialism! >.> I'm on the radar again, and I have to say it's bitter/sweet..

   Maybe I'm starting to read too much..? Nah, that's can't be it ;p

   Peace! Love! And Sex!
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There is no Shortage

...meaning that I can't seem to have enough, and my mind seems to be enjoying this..

I've been spending alot of time at the (Barbara Bush) Library as of late whenever I discovered that Natalie didn't own a library card. My account had already stock piled a good hefty fine for an obscure book that belong to a life long passed, so this new card was going to serve as our buffet into the literary works...and internet access. So, I'm a junky now. Wasting time here as I wait for her to get off of work. Not to mention the ass loads of reserved books I have on hold from an esoteric list I've been making since high school of must reads. I'm getting everything thing from Frank Miller/Neil Gaiman graphic novels to books by Daniel Pinchbeck and Graham Hancock. Yet, its free and there is no limit to how much we can check out, so the library fucked up there..!

Comic art has taken a forefront in my daily routines because I'm getting some sample scripts worked on for a submission to TopCow and Aspen Comics. If I can have a career in which I do something that I already love to do hours at a time, why not? TopCow is have a talent search that I'm going to be entering, and Aspen just had a loss of Michael Turner. I have a fair chance at either one, and hope to get reactions of the internets community soon...well, once the scanner is fixed and I can show a preview of what I have been working on. The only ones who have laid eyes on the pieces have been my neice, and she doesn't go through one day without asking me, "whatcha drawing?". Love her to death, but she's a broken record..

Speaking of art, and comics, another project that has been nagging my head is Imperfect Essence (copyright Daniel C. Jaramillo). All the background stories, sub-plots, and basic narritive are complete for the project, and I'm itching to get it read and critiqued. I have a short list of trusted "like thinkers" I want to read this project to get feed back on, but it's a matter of getting a piece of their time. Fuck.. Until then I guess I'll still be working on character design.I should be posting those up soon..

With the theme of "mind-gasms" I've been taking alot of IQ test to see a range of where I stand in society. So far in two completed tests I have scored a 121, and a 131, but there is more scientific testing to be had..

Finally, I have finally aquired myself a paying job...well, a "government official" paying job. I am now a denim expert at Luck Brand Jeans Comp. Part-time, of course. But, it's money! So, come say "Hi" at Willowbrook mall sometime, and buy something from me..

That's it for me. Peace!
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Michael L. Turner 1971-2008

  "Good Luck!" It's such a short phrase, but its a phrase that has lived long in my mind, and one that I believe to still drive me to this day. It's been almost two weeks since the death of Michael on June 27th, and this blog is in memory of my first encounter with a man that has effected my life's goals to this day..

  It was Thursday, July 6th, and the family and I was supposed to attend church that night, but because it was 13 days way from my birthday and the only chance of me meeting my favorite comic creator, we put God on the back burner. HE will forever love me anyways, right? It was the beginning of Michaels big Fathom/Witchblade/Tomb Raider Crossover tour with TopCow, and Bedrock City Comics of Houston, Texas was manic enough to order enough of the book to score an in-store signing..

  So, there I was, dragging my mother, father, and sister along for the ride, and carrying my collection of the Fathom series from issue 0-12 along with a sketchbook to pass the time. Comic stores to this day is heaven to me, and even more so whenever I was sixteen. So, needless to say I was wondering around the store two hours before the signing sampling what was out at the time..

  Before soon, the empty store turned into a gathering, and I knew I had to get in a line before other comic nerds herded me to the back. In a few short minutes Frank M. was walking through the back door to the counter of the signing with a portfolio in hand, and I nearly freaked. It was HIS portfolio! That meant that HIS original art is freakin' in there! Wait! Here HE comes! Michael walked into the room, and by this time my sister who was standing right behind me was embarrassed by this Japanese school girl in front of her. "IT'S HIM! IT'S HIM!" I said in my barely audiable indoor voice. So, with comics and sketchbook in hand I braced myself for the meet..

  I remember standing there and watching others get to Michael before me. They had 20 books for him to sign, and all I could think was the arrogance of bringing so many books and tiring out Mike before I could get to him..! The nerve, right?! Finally, I got up to him, and like all emotionally unstable teenagers meeting their idol would do...I said nothing. I stuck out 6 books for signing, and gazed at the marker in his hand like an ancient secret to drawing was going to be revealed to me. Yet, Michael was as nice as anyone would assume him to be. The smile on his face, and look in his eyes, showed his appreciation for his fans and determination to sign every last book handed to him..

  While he was signing I noticed a paper next to him stating that he would give an original sketch for a mere $5! So, I signaled the parents for a five-er while the signing continued, and asked about the sketches. He gleefully confirmed that he was going to be selling them, and I shoved my 5 bucks in front of Frank to make sure I was on the list..

  Once Michael signed my books I directed myself to the holy grail of them all...Michael's portfolio. Glory, glory, hallelujah...who needed God when I had creation right in front of me? I had to muscle a couple of nerds to get to the portfolio, but when I was beautiful. Interior pages from the latest issue of Fathom, cover art from Aria (which I had Michael sign, and he made a remark of remembering that drawing), Fathom and was awe inspiring. But wait, then I found out that you could buy the pieces he was displaying..!? Mom, Dad! 200 bucks quick! That would have been nice, but no dice. But there was blasphemy in the house of Turner as one art buyer tried to get Michael to lower his price on a piece because of an ink smudge. AN INK SMUDGE! You're buying a Turner, man! Be proud as some of us can't get their parents to fork up $200! The nerve..

..but I digress.

  The sketches were at hand, and my number was about to be called. In excitement I waited, and plotted how I could hang around the counter after my sketch to watch Michael draw and learn some secrets. Though, my plotting was haulted as my Mom chimes in, "Show him your sketchbook!" Huh? No way! My art can't bother the likes of Turner! "Oh, c'mon." She responded..

  Finally, my number was up and Michael asks who I would like him to draw. "Vana." His eyes seemed to light up, "Hey! You're like maybe the second person who has asked me to draw her!" and I retorted, "Well, she's designed really awesome, man!" So, he gets to drawing.

  "Wait, how are you drawing her face without any guidelines?" I asked while staring at his hands again. "I've been drawing for awhile, so I don't really need them anymore...well, except whenever I'm drawing something challenging." Nice!

  "What do you use a kneaded eraser for?" like a curios child (which I was). "Ah, here's the trick..!" And he showed me how he used the eraser in his work. "Stick around after the sketches, and I can show you more stuff."

  Que the choir of angels...n-n-n-now!

  "Sweet! Sure!" I said trying to quiet the school girl on the inside...and then comes my mother, "Hey, Mike! Do you think he should throw away his sketches? He always does." and hands Michael Turner my sketchbook. SHE HANDED MICHAEL TURNER MY SKETCHBOOK! Mom...No!

  "Wow." Came from Michael. Frank comes in, "Damn! And you throw these away?"  Michael follows with, "And how old are you?"

  "16 about to be 17.." I said trying to shake off the stunned feeling of them looking at my sketchbook.

  "Well, when you're 18 look us up..!"

  OF COURSE! OF COURSE! OF COURSE! "Of course..! Thank you for the sketch!" And I walk away, wide-eyed and stunned..

  "See. I told you." My mom chimmed in..

  I stayed and watched Michael sketch throughout the evening like a leech, and soon the crowds dewindled, and it was dark outside. As the last of the customers had their sketch made I waited to get more drawing pointers from Michael, but alas, I think I had too much excitement already as the store clerks took Michael away for some drinks before I could say anything..

  There is a list I have with creators that I someday wanted to work with. This list is short, and on June 27th it got one more name shorter.

  "Good Luck!" is what he wrote on my sketch that Michael made for me, and this sketch still hangs above my drawing desk to drive me foreward and achieving my goal as a comic artist. So, Michael, you are still a driving force for me, though from that day we have never formally meet again other than though pictures and words. (Michael responded to a letter of mine through Wizard magazine under the name of Daniel C. Jaramuth...they spelled my last name wrong...and they printed my art in issue 8 in Fathom Vol. 1...I'm the art that is at the bottom right center with Aspen and Blue Man.) Thank you for the memory that will never fade in my mind as this blog has proven, Michael, and I hope to someday honor you of that memory through my art..

  So, the journey is over for you in this life, but I pray that in the next you will continue to shine the light that I experienced that day. You will be missed, and "Good Luck, bro!"

  You can check out the photos and the sketch at:…

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Happy 420 on this holiest of holy days!
May we use this day to whorship the Green Goddess, then to misunderstand her!

Peace, and I'm out!

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New art!? An avatar!? A title that makes no sense!?!? EsotericCreator you Anti-Christ, is the Apocalypse nigh!?!?!?

You may think so, my unknowing minions, but against popular thought I have been drawing to some extent..! And fear not, the Apocalypse is not nigh...yet..

So, what's with the title..?

I've been writing alot, and while writing I've been watching alot of anime. (I need back ground noise, and the occassional break from writing.) Anime infests the mind, huh? It's like a gateway drug, and makes you pick up manga. Damn you, Japan! If it's not your interesting story plots it is the art, and if not the art it's the fan service! And damn America for being such prudes, and not exploiting fan service! (I wouldn't mind an "indepth" peek of Wonder Woman, or Cat Woman. Throw a guy a bone! >_>)

Back on track. So, I really admire the art in both manga and anime, and the stories really capture me. Plus, I really need more practice on my anatomy and perspective, and manga/anime has a healthy dose of both..

IDEA! Why not take images directly from manga/anime, and give them my own interpretation?

EsotericCreator, isn't that unoriginal? Cheating? A spit in the face of anime/manga/american artists everywhere, and you're just being a tool!?

Ouch. *shrugs* Un-original? Yes. People have been doing this for awhile. Cheating? Mm. Anime/manga take a sort of liberty with anatomy, and style, not to mention that my interpretation of art is completely different. It's practice sketching, not claiming the art as my own. The other things? Again, I'm just a fan, and in turn wish to interpretate what I find fascinating. It's not line for line, just taking an image and producing it through my minds' eye..

Are you even making original art..?

Of course, but you will see a bit more practice then finalized pieces...well, except for character sketches from Imperfect Essence, and the such ;) So, let me know what you peoples think..!

Peace! I'm Out! :meditate: